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About Us

About Pressville Hotel and Banquet Hall

Situated in the Heart of Georgetown, Guyana is a leading indigenous business hotel centrally located to meet all your business and conference needs. Pressville Hotel and Banquet Hall is proud to offer a uniquely unforgettable experience, comfortably wrapped in quality personal service and modern comfort.

Established in 2015
Located in Georgetown, Guyana, South America

“To create memorable and enduring experiences for family, business or persons in a manner that reflects joy, professionalism, respect, care, personalized attention and warmth with exceptional customer care that is always consistent and innovative.”

“To create enduring experiences through pride, competency and efficiency in a unique manner that will forever echo in the warm memories of our guests”

Our Core Values forms the foundation building blocks which support our vision and mission in shaping our business culture and reflect our company values and standards in fulfilling our business goals. They form the core of our company’s identity and create an unwavering and unchanging guide which forms the ethical underpinnings of how we operate.

Core Values:

Integrity – Acting with honestly without compromising the truth in a manner that is reliable and timely.

Mutual Trust and Respect – To serve customers in an environment of trust and respect, as prerequisites for promoting open communication and honest dialogue about our values, goals and expectations in delivering quality service.

Passionate and Committed Quality Service – We believe in consistent concerted efforts on a daily basis in meeting customer’s needs. We pledge to commit to exceeding customer expectations throught service delivery and other initiatives that transform lives and connecting people all over the world.

Empowerment – Encouraging employees to take initiative and give their best within a servant leadership atmosphere to empower employees to lead and make decisions.

Community and Environment
To protect and conserve our natural resources through sustainable use and to care about and give back to our local communities.

We seek to endeavour always to provide exceptional quality service and customer care that is creative, fun, fair, and honest in a cordial atmosphere of love, honesty and security.